iNeedFlix 1.23

Manage your netflix queue


  • Drag and drop
  • Quick
  • Shows screenshot and synopsis


  • No preferences
  • Only works in Safari


iNeedFlix is a no-fuss manager for your Netflix queues. Instead of opening up your browser and going to the Netflix homepage every time, you can install iNeedFlix and do it all from your desktop. Elements can be dragged and dropped from your queue and moved around.

Although the application doesn't have a preferences menu and only shows the movie screenshot and synopsis, it manages to capture the essential elements. If it was supported on other browsers than just Safari, iNeedFlix would probably be more useful, but the fact that it connects to the Netflix server is a huge plus.

A good solution to quickly browse through your DVD rentals, without ever visiting the Netflix homepage.

This is a quick little program I threw together one afternoon because I needed something to manage my queue. It has no preferences and will work as long as you are logged into netflix in Safari.

The buttons on top are self explanatory. To move something in the queue drag and drop to the correct location. It deals directly with the netflix server, so changes will be as quick as your connection.



iNeedFlix 1.23

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